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Improve SEO and site accessibility with AI-generated alt text in over 130 languages. Integrations for WordPress, CMS, Shopify, web, and API.

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Let AI write your alt text. Automatically.

Alt tag attributes are necessary for increasing SEO and page accessibility. Why rely on a human to manually write descriptions for every image on your site? Integrate with and automate your alt text SEO workflow. We offer an easy-to-use WordPress plugin, CMS integrations, full developer API, and web interface for generating alt text in more than 130 languages.

How It Works

1. Upload an image

Use one of our CMS integrations, browser extension, API, or web interface. Optionally include SEO keywords you want to use.

2. Our AI analyzes the image

It only takes a second for our technology to examine the image and work its magic.

3. You get alt text

We generate an accurate description of the image, ready to be used on your site.

Flexible integrations

Whether you are a content creator, agency, business owner, or developer, can make your job easier, and your website better.

WordPress Plugin

Automatically generate alt text for every new image you add to your media library. Plus, repair all your existing images with our bulk updater. for WordPress does it all.

Ecommerce Platforms

Our Shopify app and WooCommerce integration intelligently add your product name and brand into the generated alt text.

Headless CMS

Use our native app for Contentful or app for Hygraph to seamlessly add AI-generated alt text to your images within the CMS. We even have a Zapier integration to handle other platforms!

Website & Developer API

Generate alt text for individual images , or process thousands via CSV import on our site. Our Developer API lets you add SEO alt text anywhere in your application.

Browser Extension

The Chrome Extension lets you right-click on any image and get alt text to copy and paste. Use it with your Squarespace site, Webflow project, or any other web page.


We offer pre-built automations in Zapier and Pabbly. You can hook these up to hundreds of other supported systems to build a fully automated alt text generation workflow.

You're in good company

Join the hundreds of top brands in internet marketing, content, and ecommerce who are already using to increase their alt text SEO and website accessibility. What are you waiting for?

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What our users are saying

@Rich77ard on Aug 20, 2023:

A Great Tool for Alt Text

The API works great and is very quick. I processed over 200 images in less than 5 minutes and all of the 'alt' text was exceptionally accurate.

A great tool - well done 10/10

@Unioq on Aug 10, 2023:

Very helpful tool for bloggers has become an essential tool in my website optimization toolkit. As someone who values both SEO and accessibility, I was thrilled to discover this AI-powered solution that generates image alt text effortlessly. The accuracy of the generated alt text is impressive - it captures relevant details from images without any human intervention required.

@ChrisCownden on Aug 6, 2023:

This has saved me at least 150 hours!

Thank you for creating such an intuitive plugin for WordPress. As an web design agency owner, this was a no brainer purchase and has already saved me 150 hours of manually writing alt text.

@4390bbe on Aug 1, 2023:

This is VERY good

I have multiple client websites with thousands of images that do not have alt text. We have tried code that "assigns" alt text but they are clumsy. is AI driven and VERY Good. The text is not perfect, but it is smart and more than good enough! I burned through my 2000 first month allotment quickly.

@intownrunner on Jul 28, 2023:

So Awesome, So Much Time Will be Saved

Within 5 min, I Purchased, Downloaded, Setup AI Text Account, installed WordPress Plugin, started optimizing images.

So easy and such great results!

This will save our team so much time and more importantly we will have Alt Text for the images. In general no one wants to create Alt text, now we have a tool to accomplish this task.

@TheEneverGroupTeam on Jul 28, 2023:

5 websites optimised with ALT text in an afternoon

Thanks for saving us hours of work. We have optimised 5 of the sites we run just today!

That is over 1550 images so far to say we are impressed is an understatement

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