About Us

How It Began

We started AltText.ai partly out of necessity, partly out of frustration. Writing alternative text for images is a requirement when it comes to creating a modern website — both for SEO reasons and accessibility concerns — yet there was nothing available that could do this automatically. A human copywriter was always needed in the process, and they had to remember to write alt text whenever a new image was added to the WordPress blog or main site.

Our founders realized that current advances in deep learning, computer vision, and AI models might finally be good enough to do this job without the need of a human copywriter. Never again would someone forget to write alt text for images that go live on the site. Never again would there be spelling and grammar mistakes in image descriptions. Never again would ADA lawsuit trolls send threatening emails. AltText.ai had arrived!

Our Team

The AltText.ai team consists of tech industry veterans with over 60 years combined experience in software architecture, machine learning, and product management. We've previously worked at some of the internet's biggest players, and have seen the challenges faced by many companies and individuals when it comes to efficiently producing effective web content.