SEO & Search can optimize alt text SEO for improved search ranking.


Provide your target SEO keywords, and will intelligently incorporate them into the finished alt text.


Our AI only selects relevant keywords from your list in order to generate alt text in a natural, flowing style.

Why Use Keywords?

Having alt text with keywords that match the context of your web page increases the overall relevance of your page for search queries that contain those keywords. This means you will ultimately rank higher in search results.
SEO keywords are blended into the generated alt text.

Human Reviews

When you need the highest level of confidence and descriptive accuracy, use our human review service. A real human will read the generated alt text for your image, and make sure it accurately describes the content.

Trained Reviewers

Our team of reviewers is specifically trained for image descriptions. They will improve and correct automatically generated alt text where needed, so you can be sure you are getting a top-quality result.

Automatic Notifications

When your human review has finished, the updated alt text is stored in our system and you are notified via email or API webhook.

Input: A person in a kayak on a river

A person in an orange kayak paddling down a rough, narrow river.

Output: A person in an orange kayak paddling down a rough, narrow river.