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Read our documentation to learn how to use to generate alt text. The docs provide in-depth coverage on using our website, WordPress plugin, Shopify app, other integrations, and our browser extension.

Tutorial Videos

We've created a series of tutorial videos covering basic usage of our website, WordPress plugin, and Shopify app:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ has answers to the most common questions.

General Questions

What kinds of images are supported?
We can generate alt text for all popular image formats. We support JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and BMP images, as long as they are less than 10MB in size and at least 50x50 pixels.
How do credits and pricing plans work?

Our pricing is very simple - each subscription plan grants you a fixed number of monthly/yearly credits, or you can make a one-time purchase of credits whether you are on a recurring plan or not.

Every time you generate alt text for an image (via API call, plugins, or using our website), you use one credit. Utilizing our Human Review service uses more than one credit since an actual human is doing the work.

Unused credits roll over at the end of each billing period. You can see your usage and remaining credits on your Dashboard page.

Plans can be cancelled at any time.

What happens if I cancel my plan?
When you cancel your subscription plan, automatic renewals will be turned off and you will not be charged going forward. You will retain any unused credits in your account.
Can I use on multiple websites?
Yes, there is no limit to how many websites or integrations you can associate with your account. We have many customers who run multiple sites under the same account. As long as you have credits available in your account, you will be able to generate alt text.
Do I lose my alt text if I uninstall the plugin or app ?
No, you do not lose any alt text that you already generated. For example, if you use our WordPress plugin to add alt text to 500 images, and then uninstall the plugin, the alt text will remain on those 500 images.
Do you support languages other than English?
Yes, we support over 130 different languages! If you use our website or WordPress plugin, just select your desired language in the settings dropdown. If you are using our Developer API, we've documented the lang parameter that should be sent in your image create request.
Do you store the images I upload?
No, we do not store any images or binary files. Your library consists of your original image URLs, the alt text generated by, and any associated image metadata that you provided.
Can I whitelabel your service?
We offer the ability to whitelabel your account so that any integrations / installations will not display the name of your paid credit plan. You can also control the maximum number of images that can be processed each month per API Key in your account. These features make it easy to manage multiple clients from your single account. Just click the "Whitelabel" checkbox in your account settings to activate the feature.
How do I connect to my CMS system?

We have native plugins for WordPress, Contentful, and Hygraph. If you are using a different CMS platform, check out our Zapier / Pabbly / Albato integrations which work with hundreds of other apps and platforms. Our team is always evaluating new partners based on customer demand, so be on the lookout for even more plugins!

The basic workflow for connecting to a custom system goes like this:

  • [Your Platform] triggers a notification when an image is uploaded, or a web page is created.
  • [] generates alt text (using our Zapier/Pabbly/Albato integration or Developer API). You just send us the image URL and we send you back the alt text.
  • [Your Platform] updates the alt text for the image or web page.

Note that some platforms may not support all of these steps. You may also need a developer to implement some of these depending on your platform and workflow requirements.

Are you a CDN or DAM service?
No, we are not a CDN, and we are not a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system. You need to store and serve the actual image files from your own systems and services. is a service for generating alt text for those images. We do not recommend using our service in an "on the fly" capacity for live web pages, since alt text generation may take a few seconds per image.
What do you do with my alt text and image data?

The generated alt text that we provide is purely for your own use. We do not use any alt text from your account for things such as training data, generating images, or other AI content.

Image data that you upload to us is only stored temporarily in order to be used for alt text generation. Once processed, any uploaded binary image data is discarded.

WordPress Plugin

How do I update alt text on multiple images?

Option 1: From your WordPress admin, go to the -> Bulk Generate page. You will see how many images are missing alt text, and you can update them all in bulk. See a screenshot.

Option 2: From the Media library list view, select the images you want to update, then select the dropdown for Bulk Actions -> Generate Alt Text. This will immediately start to update the selected images. See a screenshot.

Can I update alt text on just a single image?
Yes - just open the image in your WordPress media library, and you will see a button that says

⚡ Update alt text

Click that and it will set the alt text just for that image. Note that this will overwrite any existing alt text you have for the image in WordPress.
How do I add SEO keywords to the alt text? integrates focus keyphrases from popular WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast, AllInOne, RankMath, Squirrly SEO, and SEOPress when generating alt text. To use this feature, first make sure your post has a focus keyphrase set up. Then just upload your images to the post and will intelligently incorporate your keyphrases into the alt text. You can even retroactively update the alt text for existing images associated with posts and will pick up any keyphrases you have set.

If you don't use those plugins, don't worry. We can also use your post title as the keywords when generating the alt text for your image! Just check the box to use the post title for SEO keywords in the WordPress plugin settings page.

My images are not getting alt text added?!
Look in the plugin settings in your WordPress admin. There is a checkbox to indicate if your WordPress site is publicly available or not. If your site is not publicly available, then you should uncheck this box. When unchecked, will upload your images directly for analysis, instead of fetching via URLs. Alternatively, you can make your site publicly accessible over the internet, and then make sure the box is checked so that can fetch your images via URLs.

If this still doesn't work, check the Error Logs in the plugin settings for further information (e.g. images are over the maximum size limit, dimensions are too small, etc).

Can the plugin rename files based on the alt text?
Yes, to rename your image files based on the generated alt text, you just need to use the Phoenix Media Rename plugin. Simply install the plugin, and in the Settings menu check the box for the integration with!

Shopify App

How do I see alt text that was added?
In your Shopify Admin, make sure you reload the product page after making any image or title changes. This will pick up the new alt text which was added in the background by Note that it may take several seconds before the alt text is added due to notification delays from Shopify.
When is alt text added to product images?
Whenever you add a product image, or update a product in your shopify admin, will run in the background to add alt text for any images that need it. If an image already has alt text, it will just be skipped (unless you have enabled the "overwrite" setting).
Is my Online Store Speed affected by your app?
Not at all! We do not add anything to your store's "front end" theme or html code. works purely in the background to update Shopify with your image alt text, so your store speed is not affected.

Human Reviews

What happens in a human review?
When you request a human review, we use a crowdsourced workforce of specially trained humans to look at your image and the generated alt text. The humans will correct and improve the alt text description, giving you the best possible accuracy and detail in the alt text.
How am I notified when a review is finished?
There are two ways you can be notified of completed reviews: a) via our API webhooks; or b) via email (configured in your Account settings).
How long does a human review take?
Human reviews usually take between 24-48 hours on average. When you request a review, it is immediately added to our human team's review queue. Depending on the length of this queue and the time of day, your review may be finished in as little as a few hours.
Can my own team review alt text before it goes live on my site? easily integrates with your internal processes. For example, you could build a process like this:
  • Obtain a new image you want to use
  • Make a request to our Developer API to automatically generate alt text
  • Listen for our webhook call to know when new alt text was generated
  • Notify your human team to review (e.g. via email or Slack) and make changes

Technical Questions

What languages and language codes are supported?
The following table shows all of the supported languages along with the language code to use in your API requests or CSV uploads: