CMS Integrations

Automatically add alt text to your images using one of our integrations. works directly within your CMS system!


The WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress CMS. Alt text is automatically generated for every image you add to your media library. You can also retroactively add alt text to all existing images in WordPress.

SEO alt text

Incorporates focus keyphrases from Yoast, AllInOne, RankMath, Squirrly SEO, The SEO Framework, and SEOPress plugins using natural language.


Bulk generate missing alt text for all of your existing images.

Works with WooCommerce

Intelligently integrates your WooCommerce product names into the generated alt text.
Watch how the WordPress plugin automatically generates alt text for images.


Contentful users can instantly add alt text to their images with the Alt Text AI app for Contentful. Just press the "Update Alt Text" button in the content editor and AI-generated alt text will populate the Alt Text and image Description fields.

Add to Contentful:

Install to Contentful
Screenshot of the Alt Text AI app on Contentful.


The AltText.AI Hygraph app adds an "Alt Text" field and "Update Alt Text" button to your Asset editor in Hygraph. Click the button to generate alternative text for your image and save it to the alt text field.


The DatoCMS plugin for allows you to generate alt text for any of your CMS images with a single click. Install the plugin from the DatoCMS Marketplace and start improving your SEO and site accessiblity.

Screenshot of the Alt Text AI app on DatoCMS.

Other Platforms

Using Squarespace, WebFlow, or a different CMS platform? Try our Chrome Extension or Firefox AddOn to quickly create, copy, and paste alt text directly into your CMS. Simply right-click on any image inside your CMS system, and we'll generate alt text for you to use, right in your browser!