Custom Integrations

Whether you are processing images manually, importing / exporting CSV files, or need SEO-optimized alt text added into your own application workflow, we have you covered.

Web Interface

Use our website to add your images and our AI will generate alt text in seconds. Bulk process via CSV import, export back to CSV, and even scrape images directly from web pages. Perfect for one-off alt text generation or manual integration into your own workflow.

Easy To Use

Just paste in your image URL (or select a local file), add any additional information for ecommerce or SEO keywords, and we'll return alt text.

Image Library

Manage all your images processed by Our image library allows you to export to CSV, manually edit any alt text, and request human reviews for any of your images.
Screenshot of the web interface.

Zapier, Pabbly, Albato Integrations

Use our publicly available Zapier Zap™ or Pabbly/Albato Action to quickly hook up to any apps that also support these services. To generate alt text, just send an image URL into our integration. You will get back alt text which you can then send to any other Zapier, Pabbly, or Albato-enabled system in your workflow.

Hundreds of Integrations

Use our Zapier / Pabbly / Albato integration to fetch and add alt text into hundreds of other apps. The connector lets you generate alt text in any of our supported languages, with SEO keywords, and even your ecommerce data!

No Coding Required

Create a workflow that retrieves alt text with just a few mouse clicks. You don't need to be a developer to hook up to your other systems.
Screenshot of Zapier integration.

Developer API

We offer a fully documented REST API to get AI-generated alt text for images. Our API supports all of the features available via our web interface and other integrations, with the flexibility to be used from any platform or language of your choice.

Easy to Integrate

Generating alt text for an image is as simple as making a POST request with your API Key.

Asynchronous Webhooks

You can run your alt text jobs in the background and we'll notify you via webhooks when your alt text has been generated.
Example code to use the Developer API.