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Magento Extension

The Magento Extension automatically generates alt text for your product images, intelligently using your product data to maximize SEO benefit.


From the Adobe Commerce Marketplace

  • Visit the Magento Extension listing page, or from the main marketplace page just search for
  • From the extension listing page, click Add to Cart and proceed to checkout (it's free to install).

    Screenshot of Magento extension listing.

  • Complete checkout, then follow the instructions below on how to install via Composer.

Installing with Composer

Module Activation

You will need to do a one-time activation after installing the extension with Composer. Run these commands to complete the installation:

bin/magento module:enable AltTextAi_Image
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento cache:flush


Authorize Magento for

The Magento extension requires permissions to update alt text for your product images. You only need to do this once. Here is how to authorize the extension:

  • In your Magento backend admin, go to System -> Integrations, then look for Alt Text Generator
  • Click the Activate link to start the authorization flow.

Activating the Magento extension.

Add Your API Key

Connect the Magento extension to using an API Key from your account:

  1. Get your API Key by logging into, then go to Account: API Keys.
  2. Copy an existing API Key, or just create a new one to use.
  3. In your Magento admin, go to: Stores: Configuration: Services: to view the extension configuration.
  4. Paste your API key into the form, then click the Save Config button:

    Screenshot of Magento Extension settings for API Key.

Product Image Alt Text

The Magento extension runs in the background whenever you add or update a product in your catalog. It will look for any images that are missing alt text, and generate alt text for those images using your product data. Product images with existing alt text are skipped by default.

Alt text is generated as part of Magento's background cron jobs, so don't worry if you don't see it immediately. Typically these jobs run at least once per day, but your store may be configured differently.

A Magento product image with alt text added by

Manually Running Alt Text Generation

The extension runs alt text jobs using Magento's built-in queuing system. If you need to immediately process these background jobs for alt text generation, you can run the following magento command:

bin/magento queue:consumers:start AlttextAiProductUpdate --max-messages=1

(set the value of max-messages to however many jobs you need to process, or leave off that argument to process all jobs and wait for new ones)

Controlling Alt Text for Product Images

Use the extension Configuration page (Stores: Configuration: Services: to control which products are processed for alt text, along with other features. You can skip products which are not active and/or published in your online store, as well as control how products with multiple images are handled.