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Integrating with Other Platforms

If you use another platform for your website (e.g. Squarespace, WebFlow, Wix, etc), there are many ways you can integrate Your integration options depend on what is supported by your platform. Some platforms have already built apps and integrations for

Existing Integrations for Other Platforms

Generic Integration Overview

At the most basic level, the integration process looks like this:

  1. Get the image URLs from your platform.
  2. Process those images with and get back alt text.
  3. Update your platform with the alt text.

Generating Alt Text

The following table gives you a sense of what integration or technology you can use for processing, depending on what is supported by your platform.

Processing Image URLs from your platform with

If your platform supports
extracting image URLs via...
You can generate alt text using our...
API calls Developer API
CSV Import
CSV Export Developer API
CSV Import
Web UI
Zapier / Pabbly / Albato Zapier / Pabbly / Albato integration
(no options) Browser Extension
Page Scrape Web UI

Updating Alt Text

Once you have alt text generated, you can get the image and alt text data in a number of different ways:

  • Export your image library to a CSV file.
  • Use our Developer API to retrieve alt text data for all images, or a single image.
  • Copy and paste the alt text from our Web UI.
  • Copy and paste the alt text using our Browser Extension.

Example Workflows

Here are some examples of how to use in a workflow with your own custom system.

Example 1: Platform does not support API or CSV exports

  • Add your image(s) to the platform as you normally do.
  • In your platform's media library (or wherever it displays the image), use our Browser Extension to generate alt text for the image.
  • Copy the alt text from the browser extension, and paste it into the platform's alt text field for the image.

Example 2: Platform supports API fetching of images, and CSV upload of alt text data

  • Write a script to retrieve the URLs of all the images in the platform (this may require a developer).
  • Save each image URL into a CSV file.
  • When finished, ensure the CSV file matches our CSV input file format on our site, then import the CSV into for processing.
  • Once the import is complete, export your image library back to CSV.
  • Modify the CSV so it meets the standard required by your platform.
  • Upload the CSV of alt text back into your platform.

Example 3: Platform supports Zapier / Pabbly / Albato connectors

If your platform allows image data to be fetched via Zapier, Pabbly, or Albato, along with alt text that can be updated through those services, then you can follow the tutorial below to integrate into your service. This tutorial uses Google Sheets as an example platform, but you can replace that with your own platform connector. and Google Sheets integration